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Name:Sara Hazel Potts
Location:United States of America
Name: Sara Hazel Potts
Gender: Female
PB/Description: Christine Adams is her PB. Sara is tall, thin and dark-skinned. She often wears her coarse and dark hair braided and pinned up.
Occupation: Maid
Personality: Sara is friendly, but is normally very practical. She has a habit of trying to take care of people, which is left over from her days of taking care of her Mother and Sister. Sara is also very self sufficient but welcomes the help when it is needed.

History: Sara's earliest memory was of feeding her younger sister while their mother was out hunting. The small family lived in a hut near a large forest, and for years just the three of them lived there.

When Sara was fourteen, and her sister eleven, their mother took the two girls and began traveling with them. The family went on a whirlwind journey through time and space, visiting different time periods and locations, in search of something that wasn't revealed to the two children.

Their mother watched Sara and waited for her to do something other than follow. Sara couldn't travel in time or space. She wasn't able to divine. She wasn't able to do anything but be a normal human.

Ella, Sara's younger sister, displayed her abilities at a young age. Their mother quickly began to take her younger daughter under her wing and Sara was left alone more and more.

The family stayed together until five years after they first started traveling. Ella caught the eye of an older, relatively wealthy gentleman, and he eventually asked for her hand in marriage.

In the next few days their mother with the help of a sum of money, convinced the man that he should marry Sara, and convinced Sara it would be best if they left town.

Soon, the young woman found herself alone in the early 1900's. Sara hired herself out as a maid and waited for her family to return, hoping they would arrive before her wedding day.
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